Glass is a fragile material and the lustre of the Hurricane lamp is delicate. Wash the inside carefully with a soft sponge in lukewarm water using a mild detergent. Never wash in a dishwasher. To clean the outside, use a soft micro fibre cloth. Avoid using sharp objects, chemicals or extensive polishing as it may harm the finish. Do not expose the Hurricane Lamp to extreme temperature changes.
Keeping the shine is easy. Either you wash the Hurricane by hand with mild dishwashing liquid and dry it gently afterward with soft cloth. Or use a micro fibre cloth to dry-polish the lamp. Don´t brush hard on the outside with any type of cleaning tools!

If you need to remove wax from the inside fill your Hurricane up to half with tap-warm water and dishwashing-liquid and let it soak for 10 minutes. The candle wax will get warm and therefor easy to remove with a wooden kitchen spoon or corkscrew.


For all Hurricanes we recommend paraffin candles rather than100% stearin as paraffin has a higher melting point and fits better in semi-closed environments. Depending on what candle you use and the heat of your surroundings, candle wax can at times drip down the side of the candle and collect at the base of the Hurricane. This is natural and will not harm your lamp.

For Small Hurricanes – use a regular tea light up to 5 cm in diameter
For Medium Hurricanes – use a regular tea light up to 5 cm in diameter
For Large Hurricanes – use a 15-20 cm high and 5 cm in diameter (or less) candle
For XL Hurricanes – use a 20-25 cm high and 8 cm in diameter (or less) candle

Do not force a too large candle into the candleholder. The inside candleholder is also in glass, mouth-blown and handmade, and it will crack if you mistreat it.
Don’t move your Hurricane lamp when it is lit. Glass is a living material and when heated it should not be moved.
If you are placing your Hurricane Lamp on a delicate or slippery surface, please add small self-adherent small silicon pads


Change the candle to a new one when it is 1 cm from the holder, or you might harm the holder. Remove the remains and clean your Hurricane lamp. The other option is to place the new candle on top of still-hot remains of the old candle, and simply gently let them melt together.